2014 Range Rover Sport Park Assist has been upgraded #NewRangeRoverSport

I’ll be honest here and say I actually had to look up what “Perpendicular Parking” was.


Electric Power-Assisted Steering with advanced Park Assist functions

The new Range Rover Sport’s electric power-assisted steering also enables customers to benefit from a range of advanced Park Assist features, including:

  • Park Assist – which helps to identify a suitable parallel parking space, and then automatically steers the vehicle into place
  • Park Exit – which helps drivers exit tight parallel parking spaces, by automatically steering the vehicle back into the main carriageway
  • Perpendicular Park – which extends the function of the system to help the driver to reverse into perpendicular spaces, using sensors to help identify a suitable space where the vehicle can be parked and the doors on each side opened safely

Each of the functions provides the driver with clear instructions via the cluster display, and uses the Park Distance Controls, Flank Guard and Camera systems (where fitted) to help warn the driver of objects in close proximity during the manoeuvre. Multiple shuttles back and forward may be required to complete the manoeuvres safely and accurately.