2014 Range Rover Sport – I like it #NewRangeRoverSport

As always I try not to cover the things that everyone else does, so my comments here are just my own bullet points.

Having had a couple days to study the pics, I really do like the new Range Rover Sport.  It’s worlds beyond what they gave us when they released the Range Rover Sport Classic back in 2005.  I think this one deserves the name more than its predecessor.  While the Range Rover Sport Classic was really just a RR body on an LR3, this new Range Rover Sport is just a smaller Range Rover in design and execution.  It gets all the advances that the 2013 Range Rover brought and uses them for an even more sporting feel.

A quick look at the interior would make the casual user think it’s the real Range Rover.  It doesn’t appear to have any of the compromises that the Range Rover Sport Classic had.



My biggest complaint is with the rear, it’s just to Evoque-ish for me.  Too rounded, too toy-like.


There will be plenty of posts tonight, hope you enjoy them, and yes, the galleries are now open…

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