2013 Range Rover, Meridian Audio, 1700 Watts, 29 Speakers #NewRangeRover


As global leaders in digital signal processing and audio technologies, Meridian* has developed a world first, exclusively for the Range Rover: the Meridian Signature Reference System with Trifield 3D surround sound. This premium 1700W system delivers pristine sound for all seating positions via 29 loudspeakers including a subwoofer, with four loudspeakers located in the roof lining and additional seat-back center loudspeakers delivering an even more realistic musical performance. Taking surround sound to the next level, Meridian Trifield 3D technology provides greater control over the content of the surround and side channels, as well as additional signal feeds for height speakers. This premium technology expands the sense of space within the cabin, providing a personal, realistic three-dimensional listening experience in every seat.



And yes, it’s £4,000.00