Range_e shows us what the Rotary Shifter will look like when it arrives in the #rangeroversport


This actual info on the Range_e has been out for a while, here are the bullet points:

* Range_e: Land Rover advanced plug-in hybrid diesel technology debuts at Geneva Motor Show
* Low emissions and exceptional fuel efficiency: Range_e capable of delivering 89g/km CO2 emissions and a fuel economy of 85mpg
* Electric range: over 20 mile range in all-electric EV mode
* Hybrid programme: Land Rover announces intention to launch first diesel-electric hybrid in 2013

Sounds great and all, I look forward to an actual Range Rover getting over 13MPG for me.  After reading this article:


I realized that I missed the interior shots that a lot of people got at the Geneva 2011 show.  It’s those pictures that show us what the Rotary Gear Selector will look like in a Range Rover Sport, it even gets some nice “Range Rover” branding, just like the previous gear shift lever.