2010 Range Rover – Pictures & Commentary from reveal party

Here are some shots of the newly refreshed 2010 Range Rover, click below to check out the gallery


New 12.3” TFT virtual instrument panel is going to be very cool, but there was no backlight on the one we saw so it was just a big black screen

Navigation is Hard Drive based – they also mention an Auto upload unit in the brochure, so I assume that may be related with USB, iPod or Audio jack connectors.

The new Adaptive Dynamics was described to me as the RR predicting the potholes/bumps and smoothing them out. Along with firming up the suspension for spirited driving when detected. They used a cat analogy at one point. And in the brochure, this is listed a new Option for 2010.

The previously mentioned leather headliner, is leather, not suede and looks like it’s only available with the Autobiography option.

The 360 degree cameras look to also be very cool, along with the regular rear cam, there is one built into the rearview mirror and each side view mirror as well, all used for the Blind Spot monitoring option. The Range Rover Sport lists two cameras also in the front bumper, which I assume The Range Rover gets too, but it wasn’t listed explicitly.

The new front grille and lights do look good, and it is a obvious change from any previous model. The horizontal bar between the fog lights is a nice touch.

And one final little touch, they shrunk the GPS antennae.

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