2010 Range Rover – Blind Spot Monitor

Here’s the first post I’m doing from the 2010 Range Rover Owner’s Manual thanks to one20 over at the rangerovers.net forums.    The first piece of technology is the new Blind Spot Monitor which basically does just what it’s name says, here’s the technical description & graphics:

BSMGraphic2The Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) system monitors a zone that covers the area adjacent to the vehicle, that is not easily visible by the driver and is designed to identify any object overtaking the vehicle. The system uses a radar on each side of the vehicle to identify any overtaking vehicle/object within the blind spot area of the vehicle, while disregarding other objects which may be stationary or travelling in the opposite direction, etc.  The radar monitors the area extending from the exterior mirror rearwards, to approximately 7 metres (23 feet) behind the rear wheels, and up to 2.5 metres (8.2 feet) from the side of the vehicle (the width of a typical carriageway lane).

Note: The system covers an area of a fixed lane width. If the lanes are narrower than a typical carriageway lane, objects travelling in non-adjacent lanes may be detected. BSM automatically switches BSMGraphicon and becomes active when the vehicle is travelling at greater than 16 km/h (10 mph) in a forward drive gear. When the system initiates, it performs a self-check, during which the warning icons in the mirrors illuminate alternately for a short period of time.


BSM is designed to work most effectively when driving on multi-lane highways.  If an object is identified by the system as being an overtaking vehicle/object, an amber warning icon (1) illuminates in the relevant exterior mirror, to alert the driver that there is a potential hazard in the vehicle’s blind spot and therefore, that a lane change might be dangerous.

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