MY24 Range Rover Owner’s Manuals have been released, commence deep dive!

Published On: September 4, 2023

While generally the same as MY23, the interior updates, some returning features and a few other details make for some new info on the 2024 Range Rover – that’s going into production as this is written.

First note – the 4.4L V8 gets reduced performance for the first 310 miles for break-in – less power and no towing.

Bigger note here – burying the lede – after noticing that Walk Away Lock/Unlock (WALAU) was shown in the MY24 videos JLandRover put out last week, pushed me to inquire around.  I received very solid info that it will indeed be returning/releasing in full function for MY24.  The owner’s manual update also gives some credence to that – for MY23, the WALAU section had been reduced to:

This feature is not available on your vehicle at this time.

While the MY24 section now has all the instructions and details again.

They also did rename and consolidate some sections, combining Entering the vehicle, Exiting the vehicle, and Power Doors into the new “OPENING, CLOSING, AND SECURITY” section.

An updated Power Doors graphic shows they’re definitely working on it but appears it will only be available for the Range Rover SV P615 LWB for 2024.

They updated the wording on the wireless charging instructions, giving more guidance on where and how to place your phone:

Place the Qi-compatible mobile device in the center of the mat with the device’s screen facing upward. Align the longer edge of the device with the longer edge of the wireless charging area. Charging commences after a short delay of up to 10 seconds

Dynamic driving could cause the device to move around on the wireless charging area. Dislocation from a flat position on the charge mat may cause the wireless charge process to disconnect briefly. Make sure the device remains flat on the wireless charging mat.
The Brake Hold feature must be causing some headaches – a new Automatic Car Wash Precautions section adds to the previous years info.  Previously it was just a line item caution, not it gets its own page.  Definitely disable auto brake hold when going into a car wash
We might have already known this from the MY24 Velar info, but it was the Velar so nobody really cares.  The new touchscreen only controls for the Heated glass – tap, tap, tap:

Heated windshield/heated rear window icon: This is one button to operate both the front heated windshield and the heated rear window. Touch to rotate between both the front heated windshield and the heated rear window on, front heated windshield on only, heated rear window on only and off. If left on, the heated windshield/rear window deactivates after a timed period, dependent on the outside temperature.

Same as above with that other car, here’s the all-touch climate controls – I really like that it’s got everything on one screen – temp, fan and climate seats, one tap:

That’s all for now!