Steering wheel Favorites button gives new option for All-New Range Rover

Published On: February 11, 2022Tags: ,

I believe it was the MY2018 refresh that brought the programmable Favorite button to the Range Rover steering wheel. Very functional button, even had two ways to access with a short or long press, each with a different function.

The function list has always been limited but a quick way to Play/Pause is still perfect.

For the All-New Range Rover, we get a new function – Cycle Cluster Layout

The Range Rover has had a digital gauge cluster since the 2010 refresh – before it was even a thing. They didn’t start actually having fun with it until 2017 or so, when InControl Touch Pro happened. With ICTP, you could have the map displayed or various layout changes in the cluster itself. That was further tweaked for the MY2018 refresh. It was a couple of clicks to switch the gauge cluster layout, kind of buried in the menus, not something to do often.

But for the All-New Range Rover, it looks like we’re getting a shortcut! So minor but glad to see they thought about it and implemented something.

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