There can be only one

The new Range Rover has arrived and it’s perfect.

Everywhere else has all the facts, here are the things I found interesting with a disclaimer – some of this is probably US vs UK nonsense. The US press releases are always quite pared down as to make us forget about the things we won’t see here. This next bits of nonsense are all from the full 57 page UK release. A good example is how much the UK PR focused on the new headlights while the US PR doesn’t mention any of that cool stuff.

The one thing I hated about the new Range Rover were those dumb Velar door handles. (although they do help contribute to new Range Rover’s drag coefficient of 0.30, the lowest of any luxury SUV)

From the official Velar website – and spoiler alert using the door handle button is still pressing a button:

Keyless Entry in Velar

Keyless entry allows you to lock and un-lock your vehicle without pressing a button. Simply approach the vehicle with the key fob in your pocket or bag, and unlock and disarm the vehicle using the door handle. One press of the start button and the engine starts up. When leaving the vehicle, you can lock Range Rover Velar by simply pressing the button on the door handle, or by using the key fob.

Back to the UK PR for the new Range Rover – this is all I wanted:

New Range Rover Approach Unlock

The effortless experience begins with the flush deployable door handles, which feature new Approach Unlock and Walkaway Locking with Proximity Sensing, so the doors unlock and the handles deploy automatically when a key fob is detected approaching the vehicle. When leaving the vehicle, customers can simply walk away and, once the key fob has left its immediate vicinity, the handles retract and the vehicle locks.

Next up, also door related – all four doors on the new Range Rover are power assisted. How will that work?

New Range Rover Power Assisted Doors

Once inside, the driver’s door can also be closed by pressing the brake pedal. The doors can also be operated using the central touchscreen or an additional switch by the grab handles, while a switch on the end of each door and the door handle can be used to initiate closure from the outside. Alternatively, manual closure can be initiated by a simple push on the door.

Similar to what the Jaguar F-Pace got in it’s 2021 updates – Purify aka Cabin Air Purge via Remote

Purify aka Cabin Air Purge via Remote

Using Land Rover’s Remote app technology, the Purify functionality allows customers to cleanse the cabin air prior to their journey and without the need for a remote engine start. It includes cabin purge and cabin purification functionality. All four-zone Climate Control vehicles come with an additional heater and air-conditioning unit, and nanoe X device specifically for the rear cabin. 

An interesting call out for the future of Range Rover design – like how the side gills of the third generation evolved into the new Range Rover side graphic:

Precision here was critical to the success of the design and the way the rear lights are integrated with the overall form of the vehicle will become a Range Rover signature.

That’s all for now – I’ll keep on studying!