InControl Touch Pro Hardware Internals – Infotainment Master Controller

FCC tests give us a great internal view of the InControl Touch Pro Infotainment Master Controller, an Intel Quad Core 1.9 GHz Atom based system with 4GB of RAM and a 60GB SSD in the US market

ICTP internals1ICTP-internals-legend

1 Satellite Radio Module antennas
2 AM/FM antennas
3 GPS antenna
4 Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi antennas
5 Infotainment Slave Controller (ISC)
6 Audio Amplifier Module (AAM)
7 Telematics Control Module (TCU)
8 Diagnostics port (not used)
9 Main connector – Power, Ground, CAN Bus, Microphone Input, Fan Control, LIN (Steering Wheel Module – SWM)
10 Camera Control Module (CCM)
11 Instrument Cluster (IC) (APIX2)
12 Touch Screen (TS) (APIX2)
13 HDMI from Portable Media Interface Panel Front (APIX2)
14 USB 3.0 (and SIM) from Portable Media Interface Panel
15 USB 2.0 Hub linked to digital disc player; also connected to the electronic toll collection module when fitted (Japan only)

ICTP internals4ICTP internals2ICTP internals3

ICTP internals-TUNER1ICTP internals-TUNER2-1ICTP internals-NET2ICTP internals-SDARS2

ICTP internals-MB1ICTP internals-MB3ICTP internals-MB4