J.D. Power 2015 Customer Service Index Study of Dichotomy: Yay Jaguar! Better luck never Land Rover.

Jaguar Land Rover should have put out a one line press release that said:

“Thank you but we’re still working on things”

Instead they list their accomplishments without ever mentioning the other half of their company that actually came in last place.  It’s a little embarrassing.  Jaguar should be very proud of what they’ve accomplished but at the same time for all their talk of synergy and being a family, to have Land Rover come in dead last really should temper any excitement. 


Crazier still is putting out a picture like the one below knowing that right out of frame are some Land Rovers which came in dead last in same survey.  How do they all look at each other with straight faces?  Even the J.D. Power guy has to be concerned.


Something is still very wrong at Jaguar Land Rover.  Cars are great – some of the best out there but these customer service issues have to stop.

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