Land Rover Discovery Sport Owner’s Handbooks are live but the QR coded videos are not.

A few neat finds will be posted in the coming days but if you’d like to check it out yourselves, head on over to TOPIx and start reading, all the Discovery Sport documentation is live.

Direct link to Discovery Sport Quick Start Guide


One thing I noticed is that they have different documentation for the models with a CD player vs the models without.  The CD models seem to use a very lightly modified version of the current Infotainment system.  While the models that don’t come with the CD player get the updated InControl Touch system.  In the video linked here, we can see the old/current system still in use but the model in the video does have the CD player.  Confirmed inclusion of a CD player for the US market is still unconfirmed.  Brochures show it both with and with out but it’s not listed a feature.  This is probably just the normal Land Rover worldwide confusion that always seems to happen.

A new feature, at least new to me, found in the Owner’s Handbooks – QR codes that link to instructional videos.


I guess we’re still waiting until launch for them though because this is all you get when you read them: