Jaguar Land Rover’s Dr. Ziebart “Producing cars to get you from A to B in style” Tech Talk Video


Another shot of what’s coming to the JLR’s ICE system, it’s getting closer!

The video is about 20 minutes, it’s a really interesting watch.

Official PR:

At a media event on the eve of the Delhi Show, Dr Wolfgang Ziebart, Group Engineering Director, Jaguar Land Rover, shared his vision for technology and engineering.

Dr Ziebart explained how key global trends like the growth of the Megacity, an expanding and more affluent world population, as well as trends in connected consumer technologies will bring with it opportunities, as well as challenges for automotive businesses like Jaguar Land Rover.

Dr Ziebart said: "The cars Jaguar Land Rover will develop in the future will reflect a range of challenges and opportunities. We are going to deliver new models that are smarter, more connected and cleaner than ever before.

"With the sensors and computing power we are developing we will enhance the capability of the driver. For the first time we have the technology to realise the vision of achieving zero accidents. I’m confident that we are only a decade or two away from being able to avoid accidents completely.

"However, our customers tell us that any Jaguar Land Rover autonomous car solution in the future still needs to involve the emotions. Whether you are driving a Jaguar or a Land Rover you want an emotional connection and a thrilling drive – with the ability to drive autonomously when required. A smarter car should not be about taking away driving pleasure – it is about enhancing the driver experience. Our engineering team is working on this today."