Latest Land Rover Product Roadmap Showing 16 Models by 2020 #LandRover

Loyal reader Steve C. was kind enough to break down the latest info AutoWeek had on what we’re going to see coming from Land Rover.

Thanks Steve!

About 16 models offered by 2020.  The strategy emerged from a recent presentation of the new Range Rover by Gerry McGovern.  The line-up is arranged in three categories:  luxury, leisure and utility with details as follows…

Range Rover/Luxury – The range will include an aluminum Range Rover, an aluminum Evoque XL that sits below the Sport, a redesigned Evoque and an urban-focused “baby” Evoque.  Sales projections and fuel economy will help determine which vehicles come to the US market.  The XL is expected to be shared with Jaguar to give them its first SUV.

Leisure – This will be replacement LR2s and LR4s.  A Super LR4 built on aluminum body architecture would head the portfolio.  LR2s would still be steel but it will grow in size to better fit the US market and feature V6 power.  Five and seven seat LR2 variants are in the plan.  Also in the works is a “baby” LR2 to compete with vehicles like Audi Q3 and Nissan Juke.

Utility – This core area has room for both the DC100 and the new Defender.  A full range of Defender replacements in short and long wheelbase and high-capacity pick-up versions are planned.  Production of the Defender could be shifted to India.