Next Range Rover Sport is starting to show up, is it going to be here sooner than expected? #rangerover

From Car Magazine, these latest images, I think even more so, show how the Evoque is completely dictating all design decisions, with that fast back look still very alive and well.  It really does look like a big Evoque.  I wonder if we’re going to see the Sport released with the real Range Rover, as a major line refresh, like back in 2010.  I’m trying to figure out how much greenhouse they’ve given up.  It just seems like there’s a lot less glass and a lot more door than in the current Range Rover Sport.



Also notice the camouflage covering items over the front doors.  In the next actual Range Rover (L405), we’ve seen a hint of vents in the front doors.  I’m still not sure if they’ll really be as big as the “renderings” show.  I’m hoping for more of an Aston Martin type of look that does intrude into the door but doesn’t add too much of a mess.  And from what they’re covering here on the Sport, I have hope.