Power Take Off 1948 vs. 2011 #landrover

Land Rover was offering a survey on the DC100 concept and as I went through it, one choice made me literally laugh out loud.

A classic feature from the original Land Rover Series vehicles, the power take off, an optional item that allowed the Land Rover’s engine to power all sort of accessories.  From a generator and welder to an air compressor or power saw.  It gave the original Land Rover that “tractor” functionality that really made it popular.125

So back to the survey, they give a list of the new features and ask you to rank your top three. 

Things like:

  • Spiked tyres
  • Removable sound system
  • Driveline Disconnect

And then the fourth item in the list:

Power take-off – Inductive charging areas throughout the cabins and rear load spaces which can charge and power any number of modern electronic devices.

I bet marketing had real fun with that one.  While I can complain about it, it is a modern interpretation of the PTO.  I just laughed and got slightly more worried about what the next Defender really will be.

I have no problem with modernizing it, but please don’t make it look so much like a toy!