First Range Rover Evoque Print Ad, or at least the first one I’ve seen in the U.S.… #rangerover

Range Rover Evoque - The power of presence

I just have to add in one of my rants here – what’s the deal with the branding?  It seems they’ve been on a mission to separate Land Rover & Range Rover.  In print, signage & web presence, we usually see these logos side by side; and their own official media site, actually separates the content by brand.


As seen in the latest 2011 Range Rover advertisements which while still using the web address, have no Land Rover badge or mention.

The Perfect Place to Parade the V8 Supercharged Engine of the Range Rover

It just seems they want to get the two brands so far apart but then this Evoque ad comes out and confuses us more.  Was it just an oversight?  And if they are going to separate the brands, they better start talking to the car magazines which still reference the Evoque as the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, which has always been a Range Rover issue…

Thank you.