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2012 Range Rover Sport Limited Edition #rangerover

All I have on this are the few pictures Land Rover released last week, enjoy.  Also, these appear to be the first official pictures of the Range Rover Sport’s 2012 interior refresh, with the Evoque-like center screen & rotary shifter…



2012 Range Rover Sport Brochure–we finally see the new rear design… #rangerover

Trying to see the new rear design of the 2012 Range Rover Sport has been like pulling teeth.  No official shots that I’ve been able to find and even going through this brochure, there’s not one full shot of the new design which now has some added horizontal trim.  We didn’t know how the new powered tailgate would affect the look, and we’re still not completely sure, ha!

Here is the 2012 shot below and below that, I’m including the exact same shot from the 2011 brochure, got to love that Photoshop.  I’m not sure where they moved the button to, I’m assuming it’s probably above the license plate like on a real Range Rover, we’ll see.  Or was that button only for opening the glass section?  Also, the Sport badge has moved to the opposite side.






I like it!!

Here’s another shot with the new key and interior controls for the new power tailgate.  Not sure how much you can believe the picture because again it’s just a manipulated shot from last years brochure.


Finally, here’s another shot of the 8” RSE screen, just like in the Discovery 4.2012-rrs-rse

And here’s the brochure:



Thank you again Patrick!!

2012 Range Rover Brochure #rangerover

Thanks again Patrick!

While not nearly as interesting as the previous Discovery 4 post, it still has some neat updates.  Although it’s so close to the previous years brochure, I think there’s a lot of Photoshop’ing going on.  The must not have a huge printing budget for the last year of this model…

So again, being the same brochure, I’m just going to point out a few interesting differences for 2012…

You can also check out this post to see more of the 2012 updates coming for the Range Rover

Here’s the Autobiography inlay on Lined Oak Anthracite:






Link to brochure:


2012 Land Rover Discovery 4 Brochure, interesting updates! #landrover #discovery

A loyal reader, Patrick, sent me the scoop on these 2012 brochures.  They were definitely news to me!

We’ll start with the 2012 Discovery 4, which gained, along with some other tweaks, the rotary shifter along with updated Terrain Response controls, the Range Rover Evoque’s touch screen system, what look like huge rear seat entertainment screens & the updated smaller Smart Key.  I’m sure some of this stuff may be old news to people already driving Evoques in the UK.


I like what they did with that Land Rover branding


Also related to the rotary shifter, a new option I haven’t seen before, Drive Select Rotary Shifter Upgrade, requires Leather Drive Select Top Cover.


Here’s that new Smart Key.  Again probably old news to Evoque owners, I noticed this key in a Land Rover press photo from a couple of weeks ago but he’s a better view.


Finally a shot of the larger RSE screens:


You can download your copy of the entire brochure, right here:


Thanks again Patrick!!

First Range Rover Evoque Print Ad, or at least the first one I’ve seen in the U.S.… #rangerover

Range Rover Evoque - The power of presence

I just have to add in one of my rants here – what’s the deal with the branding?  It seems they’ve been on a mission to separate Land Rover & Range Rover.  In print, signage & web presence, we usually see these logos side by side; and their own official media site, actually separates the content by brand.


As seen in the latest 2011 Range Rover advertisements which while still using the landroverusa.com web address, have no Land Rover badge or mention.

The Perfect Place to Parade the V8 Supercharged Engine of the Range Rover

It just seems they want to get the two brands so far apart but then this Evoque ad comes out and confuses us more.  Was it just an oversight?  And if they are going to separate the brands, they better start talking to the car magazines which still reference the Evoque as the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, which has always been a Range Rover issue…

Thank you.