The Range Rover Evoque Social Seat?? #rangerover

A classic Range Rover design cue, the rear two-part tailgate was thrown out the window when they released the Range Rover Sport back in 2006, and that design continues with the new Range Rover Evoque.  Various Evoque literature has mentioned a “Social Seat", described as such:

Versatile luggage stowage systems are made possible with the addition of loadspace stowage rails. A strap with an Inertia locking reel, which works in a similar way to a seat belt, is one feature which prevents movement of items in the luggage area. The rails can also support a ‘Social Seat’.

For years, Range Rover owners have sat on the edge of their tailgate to socialise at outdoor events. Land Rover has taken note and customers can now fold out a seat which acts like an open lower tailgate, providing comfortable seating for two . Coupled with the powered tailgate, the ‘Social Seat’ offers additional flexibility and convenience.

So I had asked around about this but as normal, no one answered back, so I had no real info until this video was released:

And here is a link to the video, cued up to 1:08 – it’s quick but you’ll see it.




One last interesting point, this feature is nothing new, I saw this at either the New York or Detroit Autoshow back in 2005 on the Range Rover Sport, they call it a Sliding Loadspace Floor.  I’m the one making the jump and calling it the Social Seat, I could be completely wrong here and we still may not have actually seen the Social Seat.

Here it is on the Range Rover Sport: