Range Rover Evoque – It’s pretty small and deserved a better presentation… #rangeroverevoque

So I finally saw the Evoque in person and man is it small.  But it is without a doubt the best looking vehicle in it’s segment.  It really makes the German cars look old.

Land Rover put on an event in New York City on May 14th in Times Square.  I happened to be in the city to see the Crosby & Nash concert, so it worked out nicely.  They said the event was starting at 12PM and going until 12AM.  I got there about 2PM or so and it just all seemed very messy.


It was great to see the Evoque up close.  Then I was told I was too close and had to step back by a guy with an earpiece.  There were no clear fencing or borders but I was told “DON”T SCRATCH THE CAR!”.


I wasn’t sure what the point of the whole thing was, it was called The Power of Presence.  And if it was just there to get people to notice it, that’s fine but lose all the scaffolds and ladders and tents.  It lost a lot of elegance because of all the support stuff.  I just feel like a real Range Rover should stand on it’s own, they just had too much mess for basically just displaying one car.


When I was there at 2PM, only the Coupe was on display, the 5-door was under a blue cover.

When I retuned again at 11PM, the Coupe was gone and the 5-door was out.


The biggest difference between my 2PM visit and my 11PM visit was all the Range Rover Evoque informational cards that were littering the ground. 


And apparently, I have given irrevocable consent to Land Rover using my image “Throughout the Universe”


Like I said, I wasn’t there all day, so I don’t know what I missed but the two times I was there, I was disappointed by lack of “elegance”, for lack of a better word, ha!  I know they needed to photograph but let the car be the star of the event, not all the workers eating off the craft services table and the many, many ladders.

P.S. Overheard a middle-aged couple behind me, the husband telling the wife, I think that’s the new Land Rover. <—ha ha, “Land Rover”