Digital Gauges – sounds like BMW has the right idea #rangerover

I’ve been very vocal on my feelings about the LCD gauge cluster in the 2010+ Range Rovers.  If you’re basically just going to show analog gauges, what’s the point?

Autoblog had a great post on BMW’s plans for the technology:

Exclusive: BMW developing customizable LCD gauges for refreshed 5 and 7 Series models

And the quote I want to pull out of it:

A BMW engineer we spoke with made it clear that BMW doesn’t want to rely on digital representations of analog gauges. Instead, the automaker is looking at the display as a blank canvas with which it can display a variety of information in an innovative way. However, while consumer customization will be available, BMW believes that keeping the user-tweakability to a minimum is key for ease-of-use and general readability.

I just hope that the beta test all 2010+ Range Rover owners are part of helps to add to future functionality, and fills in some more of that big center void – audio system info, hint… hint…