What a difference a bend makes… #rangerover

I’ve had what I thought was an odd and isolated issue with the Surround Camera System in my 2011 Range Rover – from time to time and mostly at night, the reverse camera will go completely blue.


I’ve also seen it on the surround cameras too.  So I went to my favorite Range Rover Forums (http://rangerovers.net/forum/) and did a search.  Apparently it’s not as isolated as I thought and this post from a Range Rover Sport owner, aptly named it the Blue Screen of Death.  He even made a video:


In that post there is some great information and real Land Rover documentation on the issue.  The thing that really got me after reading everything is how much of an impact excessively tight cable bends can have on this system.  Here are some examples:




I do completely realize that there are tolerances to everything and the cabling used here must not be the most resilient.  It’s just a little disappointing from a company that talks about the engineering that went into their iPod interface cable:

The dedicated iPod®/iPhone® point was designed with Apple, Inc. exclusively for Land Rover, to ensure the device won’t come loose from the socket, even in extreme driving conditions. iPod® and iPhone® are trademarks of Apple, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.


Sorry, just another rant and I will continue to say, my current Range Rover configuration has to literally be one of the best vehicles currently on the road – see even after all that I still love you Land Rover.