Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate – Updated photos #rangerover

Land Rover just released a great new batch of photos of the forthcoming Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate.  For me it’s the close up of the front window controls & the front door card shot itself that really show the small details they’re focusing on with this limited edition.  And again I have to say – these are the kind of things that Land Rover should have had in the vehicle for a while- less plastic BMW trim, more wood & metallic trims.  We also get a good shot of the wheel with the new branding on the middle cap, just like the Evoque – “Range Rover”


L322_11_LE_INT_DET06L322_11_LE_INT_DET07L322_11_LE_TEC01L322_11_LE_EXT_DET04L322_11_LE_INT_DET01L322_11_LE_INT_DET02L322_11_LE_INT_DET04L322_11_LE_INT_DET05L322_11_LE_INT_STU01_glassesL322_11_LE_INT_STU01_KeyboardL322_11_LE_INT_STU01_Screens awayL322_11ACC_LE_INT_DET19L322_11_LE_INT_STU02L322_11_LE_INT_DET08