2010 Range Rover Print Ads #rangerover

Happy New Year Everyone! 

I’ve collected a few of the more recent Range Rover USA advertisements lately and just wanted to post them up for all to see.  As you’ll notice, the first one, an earlier 2010 example, still has the Land Rover logo.  While the two newer “Perfect Place” ads have switched to “Range Rover” branding, but do still list the landroverusa.com website as opposed to the rangeroverusa.com site.

One of the most civilized places on earth

The Perfect Place to Parade the V8 Supercharged Engine of the Range Rover

The Perfect Place to Applaud Range Rover's Technology and Innovation

And me being me, you know I can’t let the little details go – in this last ad for the USA, check out the steering wheel shot in the top middle, don’t worry, I’ll blow it up below:


Right there, you can clearly see the “down” shift paddle, currently only found on the 8-speed TDV8 Range Rover, the one that also has the Rotary Drive Selector, the same Range Rover model that is not available in the US.  I just figure since this is clearly a US ad, couldn’t they have stuck to US only options?

One other little rant on this – I always love the way they used to reference Range Rover as just that, without a “the".  In that last ad, they did it again – “ to applaud Range Rover”.  However in that second ad above, “the” is back.  They should just be confident and stick with it, it could have been easily re-worded to work.