Why can’t Range Rover advertisements be clever anymore? Can’t luxury and humor just get along? #rangerover

I’ve always been a big fan of those Range Rover ads from the 80’s, 90’s & even early 00’s.  They had a cleverness to them while also being informative.  As the years have progressed, it seems like Land Rover Range Rover is focused more on the boring luxury message and it wouldn’t hurt them to introduce some fun from years past.  They’ve gotten too serious with themselves, I think they have research that their buyers can’t take a joke.

To start, here are a few from the Classic era:

278And you thought your teenagers were rough on a car.

Sometimes you have to get out and push a Range  Rover.224

P38a era ads, again still had a sense of humor


Early L322 stuff, starting to get more serious but still have fun.  The one on the right doesn’t work in today’s 3 model “Range Rover” world.

heaven-heavenNot A.  The.

Here’s are a couple of 2010 ads, nice tag lines but not overly creative…

Eyes in the Front, Back & Side of Its Head.All the information at your fingertips.  Literally.

And the print advertisements aren’t alone in this:

Range Rover does the Cha-Cha


I won’t complain about all the somewhat current ads, I loved this entire campaign:

And this one on “The Range Rover” – there really was only one back then:


And a more recent showing that Land Rover still has some of that old spirit – here’s a great UK ad for the Defender: