Who exactly is watching this Evoque slideshow on YouTube?? #rangeroverevoque

After seeing other slideshow type YouTube videos, I decided to create a simple one, with just the official Range Rover Evoque photos released at the time, I added in a YouTube provided soundtrack and put the video up on September 21st.


As of December 6th, it has over 10,000 views – which I think is actually pretty crazy, I know I’d prefer to see the actual pictures instead of something like this.  But that’s not why I’m writing this today.  It’s the actual analytics on the video from YouTube, specifically the demographics:


While in no way scientific and really just a sample of YouTube viewers; I wonder how much this goes along with what Land Rover Range Rover is seeing in regard to who they’re targeting it for.

Below are the breakdowns for Women vs. Men.


Again, I don’t know the general demographic for YouTube users, but 10,000 views seems like a good size sample for a car slideshow.

Anyway, I found it interesting…