The Evoque, the fireplace & OneLife on the iPad #rangeroverevoque

So Land Rover UK has created their OneLife magazine as a free new app on the iPad:

They always like to add in a lot of “lifestyle” content to these things and nothing is different here with an article on Bhutan with “Range Rover” references sprinkled throughout.  And there’s also one about a father and son team in the Freelander 2, here’s their video (it’s also available in the app itself):


But along with those articles, we usually do get some real info that doesn’t always show up in other places.  We hear from Ratan Tata, current JLR owner with some good insight.  And from the actual designers & engineers on the Evoque team.  It was there that we learn from the Chief Program Engineer, David Mitchell that:

  • They’ve adapted the LRX feature where by the lights on the instrument clusters change from blue to red depending on which sport dynamic mode it’s in.
  • They call the center stack the “fireplace”, which also has an ambient glow – now for this one I’m not totally clear on – did he mean the area that’s lit up behind the HVAC controls?  Or the storage area between the armrest and the Terrain Response controls?  He mentions it’s where you’d keep sunglasses or other odds & ends.
  • Finally, when unlocking the vehicle, there is a glow from underneath – is this an enhancement to the puddle/approach lamps or real ground effects?  – UPDATE I missed this in the original PR: “Approach the car at night, and you will also see a bold vehicle graphic alongside the front doors, illuminated by the ‘puddle lights’ which shine from the mirrors.”

So overall, they did a really great job on this issue and I recommend you check it out.

Here’s a link to it again:

I’ve got a little more to say about it, but will follow-up in another post since it’s a different topic.