Land Rover Legacy Project & Old Prints

I know I mentioned this a while back but now that it’s actually open, I thought I’d post it again:

Land Rover Legacy Exhibition

A new exhibition about the history of the Lode Lane Solihull factory will take place at the Solihull Central Library from 9 – 25 November. The exhibition tells the story of the Lode Lane factory, its people and products, from 1940 to the present day and features photographs from the Archives of the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust. Many of these photographs have never before been viewed by the general public.


I wish I had the time to get over there before the 25th and see what they’re showing, if you can make it to Solihull, please let me know how it was.

In the same Land Rover history vein – Motorgraphs has some great classic Land Rover & Range Rover photos that you can order in various printed formats.  This isn’t an endorsement, just something I think is really neat!