Range Rover features on UK GQ and The Floating Roof

Some nice coverage & history UK GQ for October:

Gear changes – Range Rover History

Range Rover TDV8 – Review

The Range Rover’s return

Great stuff on that original Range Rover, just to correct something he wrote:

Its design signatures included a "floating roof" on top of black-painted pillars, and a castellated clam-shell bonnet; these remain in place today.

That full “floating roof” didn’t actually show up until, 1982, it wasn’t even until 1974 that they blacked out the d-pillar.  And even in the picture they show in the article, that roof ain’t floating.  So while it is a quintessential Range Rover design cue, they didn’t actually add it to the vehicle until it was almost a teenager.

You can see them here in time progression:

1970 Range Rover - Roof not floating

1970 Range Rover - Blacked out D-Pillar

1986 Range Rover - Full Floating Roof

Pictures from: http://www.range-rover-classic.com