Range Rover Evoque: The Press Release–UK vs. US

So there are always differences in the various releases put out, sometimes it’s just UK vs. US spelling or phrasing, sometimes it’s just removing/adding the features available in the different markets.  But it’s always interesting to me to see how they compare.  To do this, I just do a compare in Microsoft Word on the two documents, and it’s easy to see the differences.world-globe

I’ll list a bunch of the items below, but the ones that really caught my eye were the way the vehicle is referred to, in the UK PR, it’s sometimes just “Evoque”, no Range Rover prefix.  However in the US PR, they added the “Range Rover” prefix to almost every time the word “Evoque” is printed.  I’m not sure why that’s such a priority here but not over there.  I think this almost goes more to a previous post I wrote about Range Rover becoming its own brand.  Continuing in the same vein, in the UK they said “Land Rover Designers”, for the US it’s “Range Rover Designers”.  And “Range Rover’s much-acclaimed” became “Range Rover brand’s”.  Again the UK says “Range Rover’s identity, while the US changes it to, “Range Rover brand’s identity

Anyway, here are a few more comparisons, just snippets of text:





Summer 2011

Fall 2100

Range Rover Sport

Range Rover Sport Vehicle – not sure why they added that.

In a quote from the Chief Program Engineer

“the more youthful target customer”

“the target customer” 

I guess he gave the US a different “quote”.

The “four-wheel-drive” system

Becomes “permanent all-wheel-drive”

The UK version mentions that 3 full hides are used in the interior

Redacted from US version

car’s greener

vehicle’s sustainability

Not listed

Contrasting roof and spoiler color are available as a personalization option

award-winning plant at Halewood in Merseyside, UK

award winning plant in Halewood, UK

chunky illuminated chaplets and needles

illuminated chaplets and needles

Class-leading all-weather, all-surface capability with legendary Land Rover Terrain Response

All-weather, all-surface capability with Land Rover Terrain Response


For that last one, maybe the US PR people just aren’t as confident as their UK counterparts?  And I didn’t even get into the 2WD or diesel differences.

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