Range Rover Evoque, the first Range Rover to offer Park Assist

I had noticed this button in those first pictures but didn’t see anything mentioned in the press releaserre-parkassist

It did look like some kind of parking aide, then today they updated the Evoque section of the Land Rover UK website and this sentence explained it:

Range Rover Evoque is also the first Range Rover to offer Park Assist which steers the car automatically into a parallel parking space.


UPDATED – although this wasn’t mentioned in the North American press release, the UK version did have a a couple more items under the “Eliminating stress at the wheel”:

Park Assist – Applied for the first time in a Range Rover, this automated technology helps drivers parallel park their car in tight urban parking spots.  The Evoque has a latest generation system which can park in a very short space (just 1.2 times the length of the car); when required, the system allows the driver to shuffle backwards and forwards to achieve an optimum parking position.

Once the system has identified a park space using its ultrasonic sensors, the system automatically steers the car into place while the driver operates the accelerator, brake and clutch.  Informative graphics and messages are displayed in the cluster screen, to guide the driver through each stage of the manoeuvre.

Blind Spot Monitoring – The system alerts the driver when a vehicle enters it hidden blind-spot zones on either side of the vehicle.  Two sophisticated radar sensors mounted in the rear bumper monitor both sides of the car, and the system illuminates a warning light in the corresponding wing mirror when a vehicle enters a blind spot zone.  The system is optimised to work at the lower speeds commonly encountered in urban conditions or on congested motorways.

I guess like other cool technologies, we won’t be seeing this in the US?  I’m not sure about the Blind Spot Monitoring though, is it available here on the real Range Rover, not sure about the Sport.

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