Is the Range Rover Evoque, the 2010 production version of the Range Stormer?

Land Rover did their first-ever concept to preview a new production model back in 2004 with the Range Stormer.  It was our first intro into what would become the first addition to the Range Rover line – the Range Rover Sport.  The Sport was done when they showed the concept for the first time.  So it was more like they took a soon to be released vehicle and created a concept from it.  That’s all old news though, what I wanted to say today was something that caught me off-guard.  We’ve seen the Stormer since 2004 and the final 2-door Evoque was revealed back in June.  The Stormer always seemed to me as a blurry vision of the Sport, what I mean by that is, squint while looking at the Stormer from a distance and it’s a Sport.  However, if you really look at it today, it’s an Evoque with 2004-era Land Rover styling.  And I’m sure the 2-door version is biasing my opinion, but look at how many cues are there.  And I do of course realize they should have similar cues if they’re all basically “Range Rovers.


Look as those wheel arches that intersect the hood line.  Roof line looks closer to Evoque then Sport.  Hood louvers.




Big spoiler & Angular Exhaust – And they both seem to have glass roofs.



And I’ll close with a no longer valid & somewhat now sad quote from the 2004 Range Stormer Press Release:

Like all Land Rovers, the four-wheel drive is engaged permanently…

It’s the “Like all” part that really shows its age.

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