End of Summer link clearance

Here are some more links I’ve collected and never got around to posting, some old, some new.

Electric / Hybrid Range Rover Projects:

Ultimate Green SUV: For $225K, Range Rover Electric Conversion

Electric Range-y Land

Liberty Electric Cars

Range_e (2013) – the hybrid electric Range Rover Sport


QNX – The OS for the Virtual Instrument Panel

Land Rover 60 years – Anniversary Site

Land Rover Legacy Project

88inch.com – Land Rover Series IIA Restoration


Recollections of former Land Rover Chief Engineer, Arthur Goddardarthur_goddard_visit_ffd6

Engineer responsible for first Land Rover makes surprise visit to Britain

Arthur Goddard, who led the engineering team that developed the original Land Rover, has returned to Britain to celebrate the iconic 4×4 vehicle’s 62nd birthday.

The 89-year old, who is still chief engineer of his family’s Australian-based trailer firm, last week visited Land Rover’s design headquarters, Solihull factory – his first visit for 55 years –and was also guest of honour at the special 62nd birthday party at Gaydon organised over the May Day Bank Holiday weekend.

‘Solihull is unrecognisable from the factory I left in 1955,’ says Arthur. ‘Seeing the Defender coming down the production line however did bring back memories. It’s astonishing that a vehicle that was really developed as a “stop gap” should continue to be so successful, and has given birth to a thriving 4×4 company.’

Arthur joined Rover in 1945, initially to help develop a new tank engine. Once the war ended, the 24-year old was moved onto car engines. Soon after, in Easter 1947, Maurice Wilks had his brainwave for a pioneering all-terrain vehicle – the Land Rover.

Arthur’s responsibility was to design and to develop the vehicle, for production. Working under him were such Land Rover legends as Tom Barton and Frank Shaw (transmission), Gordon Bashford (chassis), Joe Drinkwater (engine) and Sam Ostler (body design).



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