seems to think the Evoque is all Ford.

Not sure if they’re just trying to get the commenters riled up, but I had to post this here because I couldn’t get their own AgentSpace to work.  Here are the steering wheel controls for the 2011 Edge, 2011 XJ & 2012 Evoque.  Yes, there are similarities but the shapes are different as are the convex vs. concave layout.  They do have directionals with an OK in the middle.  The Taurus comment I guess could be considered, it does have a sweeping dash with a large center display but what car doesn’t?  I think 001 is grasping at straws.  I think it’s not as clear as:

Look at the toggle switches on the steering wheel. Straight out of the 11 Edge.
001 –





Extreme Close-ups:


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