Range Rover Evoque – Photo-shoot in London

I realize this is a week or two old, I had re-tweeted it from Land Rover UK on August 20th.  I should have posted it here too – so for the record, here’s the video made up of shoots taken from a 2-door Range Rover Evoque photo-shoot in London.


I think this is actually the most we’ve ever seen of the rear of a non-camouflaged Evoque.  There aren’t any official rear shots I can find and in the press videos, they don’t do a full shot of the rear, just close-ups.  We saw the LRX from behind, but it is slightly different from that.  And the new shots do make it look like we may be getting the standard Range Rover split tailgate.

In addition, like all the 2010+ models, they’ve removed the rear Land Rover badge, however the model name has moved from the right side like the other Land Rovers to the left.

And finally, in these pics you can see both standard exhausts and more angular ones as well.  So maybe they’ll be doing an “LRX Edition” à la the “Stormer Edition” that they did for the Sport.




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