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I need to preface this critique by saying, I know my site is nowhere near perfect.  I’m sure a quick look here will find typos, grammar mistakes & more.  However, this site isn’t owned by a multi-billion dollar company, yes it’s true.  I would just assume that Land Rover could have someone working for them that could do a spell-check on what they write.  Same with the differences in US vs. UK English.  I have no problem with them sticking with the UK version of things, but as you’ll see, they just switch back and forth on the same page.  Then there’s product branding, if a feature has a unique copyrighted name, shouldn’t it be written the same way every time?  Finally, an example of just using the wrong picture, that should have been caught.

Anyway, here we go – click on any of the images for a larger view.  All of these shots were taken from the website.  It took about 20 minutes to go through and find them.  I’m contacted Land Rover in the past about others I’ve found, some they fixed, others they ignored.  Click on any of the images for a larger version.







Inconsistent Branding, first one below is from the LR2 page which does show CommandShift the same in both spots:


Now the Range Rover – Written two different ways, inches apart:


Range Rover Sport – a space has been added to one of the words:


And finally the LR4 page – at least it’s consistent, both with a lowercase “shift”:


Center vs. Centre – so here’s some of that inconsistent English, first from the LR4, it’s a “Center console”:


Then we’ll jump right to the Range Rover with options in either spelling style just paragraphs apart:


Finally, I’ll just start with the screenshot from the Range Rover page:


It’s pretty clear to see that the picture on the left is a Range Rover Sport, and when I say it’s pretty clear, I mean to the web designer who stares at these vehicles all day and who I would hope knows the product design, even slightly.  Now I’m not sure who made the mistake here, the name of that specific image is: opt_us_l322_a-airbags1.jpg – so it’s clear it is named incorrectly because L322 refers to the Range Rover model line, while L320 refers to the Sport.

If we go to the Range Rover Sport page and look for that picture, it’s there and with the proper Range Rover Sport designation: opt_us_l320_a-airbag.jpg


And just for the heck of it, here’s the full-size version( optoly_us_l320_a-rsc.jpg) :


And so as to not just pick on the US site, I caught this one a while back on the LR UK site – DBA vs. DAB.range-rover-sport-dba-sport[3]

And to quickly close, again I know someone could nit-pick my site to death, but for a large company to have such silly mistakes, it’s disappointing.  I’m actually considering looking at some of the other car manufacturer sites to see if there’s a correlation between their J.D. Power ranking and the silly mistakes on their sites.

P.S. I do realize how insane this post is, I really do.

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