2010 August

Range Rover Evoque – Photo-shoot in London

I realize this is a week or two old, I had re-tweeted it from Land Rover UK on August 20th.  I should have posted it here too – so for the record, here’s the video made up of shoots taken from a 2-door Range Rover Evoque photo-shoot in London.


I think this is actually the most we’ve ever seen of the rear of a non-camouflaged Evoque.  There aren’t any official rear shots I can find and in the press videos, they don’t do a full shot of the rear, just close-ups.  We saw the LRX from behind, but it is slightly different from that.  And the new shots do make it look like we may be getting the standard Range Rover split tailgate.

In addition, like all the 2010+ models, they’ve removed the rear Land Rover badge, however the model name has moved from the right side like the other Land Rovers to the left.

And finally, in these pics you can see both standard exhausts and more angular ones as well.  So maybe they’ll be doing an “LRX Edition” à la the “Stormer Edition” that they did for the Sport.




Land Rover’s Chief Designer Gerry McGovern interviewed by RealWorldTestDrives


Well done video – I wish Land Rover would do a longer version themselves, as a real day in the life of the current Range Rover designer.  For a lot of the current line, he inherited the major designs, so it’s a lot of refining and tweaking so far.  I believe the Evoque was all under him, but I could be mistaken.  I can’t wait to see what he’s got planned the next Range Rover.

Does he normally wear a suit while working on the clay models?

2011 Range Rover Autobiography Black–Three new pictures

Official shots from The Quail: A Motorsports Gathering:


17 Range Rover L322/MkIII Print Ads from 2003 through 2010

All the information at your fingertips.  Literally.Eyes in the Front, Back & Side of Its Head.Have you ever - Blenheim PalaceHave you Ever - Grossglocknerheaven-heavenLess than - Perfect & Perfect - Less thenNot a.  Not an.  Not another.  Not belonging to.  Not part of.  Not amid.  Not among.    The.Not A.  The.Range Rover - Designed for the ExtraordinaryRange Rover Supercharged - GrossglocknerRefinement Redefined - LeftRefinement Redefined - One SheetRefinement Redefined - RightThe New Range Rover - Higher Ground 2The New Range Rover - Higher Ground 3The New Range Rover - Higher GroundThe new Range Rover.  Higher Ground.

The 2011 Land Rover Brochures in PDF

From Land Rover Review – here are the links to most of  2011 Land Rover line for the US, all in PDF:

2011 Range Rover

2011 Range Rover Sport

2011 Land Rover LR4

Right-Click & Save-As may be the easiest way to pull them down for Windows users, for Mac people it’s a Ctrl-Click.

There’s some good stuff here, I’ve had the Range Rover UK printed version for a little while now.  They are very similar except for the Diesel & 8-speed trans pages.  There’s actually more in the US version then I would have expected.