2011 Range Rover–Official PR Photo, photoshopped?

This official PR photo of the interior of the 2011 Range Rover never looked quite right to me – specifically the new transmission control area – the shadows didn’t seem correct, the coloring looked almost like is was drawn rather then being a photograph of a real item.  The right side looks like it’s not continuously even with the wood trim – wider towards the front of the vehicle, nearer towards the back.  And we can clearly seem it’s the same height and butts up with the vertical section at the back.  The top of the rotary selector looks like it was painted in.



In this frame from the PR video – there is a much different look.  Much more shallow and then it kicks up at the end –  and the top of the rotary selector is metallic now.

So it appears those first official 2011 interior photos were either using pre-production designs or were just copied & pasted to create the new look.  While in the picture below, there’s a more refined design.  I wonder what the lead time is on taking these photos – why couldn’t they wait until the interior was locked and get actual photos?

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