2011 Range Rover – LR-TDV8 & 8-speed – 30.1 mpg

While we’ll probably never see it here in the U.S. a new diesel has been announced for the 2011 Range Rover and it’s reported to get 30.1 mpg.  Coupled with the new engine is an 8-speed transmission, I wonder where the gas mileage would be with the petrol’s 6-speed that the rest of us will continue to get.

The LR-TDV8 4.4-litre with parallel sequential turbocharging replaces the outstanding LR-TDV8 3.6-litre and is unique to the Range Rover. An all-new ‘super-diesel’, the LR-TDV8 combines superior power and massive torque with unparalleled levels of refinement. Despite the extra performance, this sublime V8 engine is cleaner too, delivering even lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions than its predecessor and meeting the stringent EU5 emissions standards. The headline news, though, is that the combined cycle fuel consumption of the new LR-TDV8 4.4-litre is just 30.1mpg, making this the first Range Rover ever to better 30mpg.
With 313PS and 700Nm torque, the Range Rover’s new powertrain matches power with conscience, reducing CO2 emissions by an impressive 14 percent. The new diesel engine is helped in this respect by its marriage to an impressive new, electronically controlled, ZF 8HP70, 8-speed automatic gearbox tuned by Land Rover engineers to combine silky smooth shifting with exceptionally rapid response and outstanding fuel economy. This daunting combination is enough to catapult the Range Rover from rest to 60mph in a mere 7.5 seconds and complete the 50mph-75mph dash in just 5.1 seconds.

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