Trailair by Land Rover

Here’s an interesting one, apparently the engineers at Land Rover have developed a set of technologies for use with Towing & Hitching.  And it’s not just for Land Rovers.

The system is based around an auto-dimming rearview mirror with a 3.5” TFT display built into it.  On that display, you can see the vehicle tire pressures, trailer tire pressures, trailer tire temperatures and finally a rear view camera to assist in the hitching.  When the system is not in use, the LCD becomes invisible.  While similar to the system available in the 2010 Land Rovers, this one does seem like it could be retrofitted, but that’s just my guess.  And Trailair does better the Land Rover system with the live pressure/temperature readings – which are supposed to help with safety, tire life & even better emissions due to incorrect tire pressure.


On sale this summer – you can read about it at :

On a side note, there already is a company called Trailair and their website is  They do air ride systems for RVs – I wouldn’t be happy with the name Land Rover chose if I was them.

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