Some 2010 Range Rover Autobiography Observations

While checking out a high-resolution shot of an Autobiography interior, I noticed a few things I hadn’t noticed before.  There aren’t too many other pictures out there so I’m not sure how this picture compares to the final vehicle – you can click it for the full resolution 14.6MB image.


While I do think they really did a great job with all the new leather trim, there are a few issues I have.  First, check out the sun visors – if they are going to the effort to cover everything in leather, why not spend the extra money in this $110,000(minimum) Range Rover and wrap the sun visors in leather – that cloth look just completely out of place and cheapens that part of the interior.  This has been par for the course with Land Rover, making these odd trade-offs – do they think no one notices?  Going back to the 2007 interior refresh, they remade the door cards – like what you see above, the new plastic that surrounds the door handles is just smooth texture-less plastic and immediately behind it was the new leather wrapped armrest.  Was it a designer or an accountant that said “as long as we put some leather here, they won’t notice this other terrible piece of trim”?  In these pictures, it does look like they have finally leather wrapped it for the Autobiography, but that’s something that should be in all models, these cars cost too much money to have exposed hard plastic trim in a p lace where your had will rest – your forearm gets leather, your hand gets plastic.

Another observation, and I’m hoping this is just a pre-release vehicle that they photographed – check out the high-res version of the picture above and look at the leather trim at the top of the a-pillars(door posts).  Here are some close ups and you can see those wonderful sun visors there too:



Again I hope this was a pre-release because those seams are a little too rough for production, it’s actually a little embarrassing.  The current Range Rover interior has never been afraid to show its gaps, but this is a little crazy.  I just feel if you’re going to the trouble of taking pictures like these, wouldn’t you try to make it as perfect as possible, I wouldn’t even blame them for a little Photoshopping.

I’m going to stop beating them up now, there are a lot more spots that just seem to be way too rough for an official high-res picture like this – if you take a look you’ll see how they stick out.

Now having said this, I of course can’t wait to get one!  And I do have to complement them on adding some leather to the trim on the door pockets – this has gone back and forth through the years.  Originally it was wood trim then with the 2007 refresh it went to plastic and at least the Autobiography package dresses it up again.


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