2010 Range Rover Autobiography – Interiors?

Well a lot of the information coming officially from Land Rover can be confusing or contradicting; I’m going to just go with the latest pics.  As per the official Land Rover 2010 Media site, these are the Autobiography colors available.  They have added an Autobiography section to the 2010 media site however they still have very Autobiography specific shots mixed into the general interior pictures – but as I said their info can be confusing, not sure if it’s too many people working on this with little communication or one person who just doesn’t keep up with it?

Anyway – here are some Autobiography interiors, not sure what exactly that means, if they are the only choices now or just samples of what we’ll see – again confusing – more to come…

And just to clarify, beyond the color schemes shown the Autobiography interior is identified by the full leather headliner.


01_2010_rr_autobiography_jet_pimento_lr_4890 02_2010_rr_autobiography_jet_kingfisher_lr_ec45 03_2010_rr_autobiography_navy_ivory_lr_1eff 04_2010_rr_autobiography_arabica_ivory_lr_e07d 05_2010_rr_autobiography_storm_jet_lr_e7a9 06_2010_rr_autobiography_jet_sand_lr_2041

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