2010 Range Rover – Audio Upgrade

I know I’ve posted about this before but again due to the confused nature of the Land Rover information I’m not completely sure about this one.

This audio system showed up on both the LRUK website and the LRNA Build Your Vehicle page as an option for the 2010.  Then at the 2009 Frankfurt show they decided to officially announce it.  When they did announce it, it was grouped in with new Autobiography specific information.  And the pictures they did release had Autobiography in the filename and on the 2010 media site; they were under the new Autobiography section.  And it is clear that picture is from an Autobiography model – you can see the stitched leather seams in the upper right and it even seems the terrible hard plastic, usually around the 2007+ door handle, has a leather texture.

As per the LRNA site, it’s an option available on the HSE, so the question is, can any model Range Rover get the audio upgrade or is it Autobiography only?

2010 Range Rover Autobiography - 1200W 19 Speaker Audio Upgrade

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