2010 Range Rover – Why only 6 Sirius-XM presets per page?

What I am describing is purely from what I’ve found looking at the 2010 owner’s manual, so I can’t say I am 100% correct until I actually try the system personally.

This is more of a nit-pick then anything else, but it’s an obvious one that also affects the 2006-2009 Range Rover.  Under the FM Radio screen, there are 9 station presets, and I understand screen real estate is at a premium, but take a look at this FM radio screen shot:


You can see the 9 presets along with the other necessary functions keys for FM radio.

Now here’s the Sirius-XM Satellite radio screen(disregard that arrow):


By adding in the Category button, we lose an entire row of presets, why couldn’t they just move the Category button to where the Autostore button is on the FM Radio.  The button looks like it would be the same exact size and would return that row to preset use.  This all seems very obvious since there’s a lot of white space on the SAT radio screen.

I had hoped with this higher res screen, they would put more thought into the design.  I wonder if this new 2010 screen also completely locks out the screen to display that it’s lost satellite signal, but don’t get me started on that one.

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