2010 Range Rover – Advanced Emergency Brake Assist and Forward Alert

Here’s a real description of the new Advanced Emergency Brake Assist and Forward Alert – sounds cool:
Advanced Emergency Brake Assist and Forward Alert

Active safety features in the new 2010 Range Rover include a number of advanced braking aids, working in combination, for that familiar sense of wellbeing, security and composure.

The new Advanced Emergency Brake Assist (AEBA) available with Adaptive Cruise Control technology provides outstanding control when sudden braking is needed. The new Forward Alert system detects if the vehicle in front is decelerating and provides a visual and audible warning to the driver if they fail to take appropriate action.

Should an impact become unavoidable, Forward Alert will trigger the AEBA function. Forward Alert feeds advanced information to the AEBA, enabling full ABS braking to be achieved at typically half to two-thirds of the time of normal emergency brake assist system.

The system provides three-stage assistance to help mitigate the effects of an impending collision:
1. Sufficient pressure is applied between the brake pads and the discs, meaning any driver intervention has a more immediate impact
2. Light braking pressure is automatically applied if no braking has commenced
3. If the system senses driver emergency braking, pressure is immediately increased to achieve full ABS braking.

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