Tiret New York and LSE Design show their latest Range Rover Sport based Coupe.

LSE had shown their “base” model a few months back but this is a special edition done by Tiret N.Y., known for their jewlery & timepieces.

I’m not a huge fan of what some of these tuners do to the Range Rover in the aftermarket, but this is a legitimate coupe.

The Tiret version is differentiated from the LSE Coupe with it’s wider flared arches, LED lighting, 22in LSE alloy wheels, a full panoramic glass sunroof, Nappa leather seating, fine wood trim and real diamond accents throughout the cabin.

Check out our gallery for the pictures:

LSE Design/Tiret NY Sport Coupe Gallery

And here’s a YoutTube on the LSE Coupe:

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