2009 March

New top level gallery added – Range Rover LRX

Although we don’t know it’s exact model designation yet, I’m going to call it the RR LRX for now.  I’m not crazy about it being a Range Rover model, but I guess they need to give it an up market feel and name so it’s not completely thought of as an LR2 Plus.

And as far as Range Rover cues, after looking back at the LRX concept pics, it’s always had the floating roof, a distinctive Range Rover feature since the early days, maybe that was an early cue to the naming.

There’s only one picture out there now:

Range Rover LRX

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Latest Range Rover Facelist Spy Shots

Worldcarfans.com has the latest camo shots of the soon to be revealed Range Rover refresh – I for one am much more interested in the new engine & interior then what they’re doing on the outside, but maybe I’ll change my mind when the camouflage is removed:


Tiret New York and LSE Design show their latest Range Rover Sport based Coupe.

LSE had shown their “base” model a few months back but this is a special edition done by Tiret N.Y., known for their jewlery & timepieces.

I’m not a huge fan of what some of these tuners do to the Range Rover in the aftermarket, but this is a legitimate coupe.

The Tiret version is differentiated from the LSE Coupe with it’s wider flared arches, LED lighting, 22in LSE alloy wheels, a full panoramic glass sunroof, Nappa leather seating, fine wood trim and real diamond accents throughout the cabin.

Check out our gallery for the pictures:

LSE Design/Tiret NY Sport Coupe Gallery

And here’s a YoutTube on the LSE Coupe:

Jeremy Clarkson still likes the Range Rover

Clarkson had some nice words for the Range Rover TDV8 and the model in general in a recent article:


And although the video below is for the Range Rover Sport, you can see Top Gear usually enjoys their Rovers:

Interesting Hybrid Blurb from AUTOCAR.CO.UK

High-tech transmission specialist Torotrak This article just talks of a direction JLR maybe going in their hybrid models, interesting…