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2014 Range Rover Sport, US PR leaves it out but UK PR mentions possible 4-cylinder future #NewRangeRoverSport


The weight reduction measures on the new Range Rover Sport open up the future possibility for the fitment of a smaller, lighter power plant, such as a four cylinder engine. A model which could have an overall weight of less than 2000kg, a reduction of over 500kg from the previous lightest model.


2014 Range Rover Sport getting Head-Up Display (HUD), just not in the US. #NewRangeRoverSport

No pics on this, just some text from the international PR:



The new model is the first Range Rover to offer a Head-Up Display, using laser technology for superior clarity and contrast. The colour display projects key vehicle and navigation data directly into the driver’s field of vision. The height and brightness of the display can be manually adjusted.


For comparison, here is what BMW is doing with their HUD.


VIDEO: Range Rover Autobiography, Special Vehicles Feature, circa 1999 #rangerover


A real behind the scenes video depicting the Autobiography process back in the P38A era.

2012 Range Rover Sport Limited Edition #rangerover

All I have on this are the few pictures Land Rover released last week, enjoy.  Also, these appear to be the first official pictures of the Range Rover Sport’s 2012 interior refresh, with the Evoque-like center screen & rotary shifter…



2012 Range Rover Brochure #rangerover

Thanks again Patrick!

While not nearly as interesting as the previous Discovery 4 post, it still has some neat updates.  Although it’s so close to the previous years brochure, I think there’s a lot of Photoshop’ing going on.  The must not have a huge printing budget for the last year of this model…

So again, being the same brochure, I’m just going to point out a few interesting differences for 2012…

You can also check out this post to see more of the 2012 updates coming for the Range Rover

Here’s the Autobiography inlay on Lined Oak Anthracite:






Link to brochure: