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The Range Rover Velar is now even more desirable, sustainable and intelligent with the introduction of an electric plug-in hybrid option, advanced new infotainment technology and elegant new design features.

  • Velar: The new Range Rover Velar features pioneering new technology and hybrid electrification, continuing Range Rover’s 50-year history of innovation
  • Electric: The Range Rover family is now fully electrified. The Plug-In Hybrid Range Rover Velar ‘P400e’ offers customers impressive all-electric range of 33 miles (53km)* and CO2 emissions of 49g/km* for more efficient journeys, with 48-volt mild hybrids
  • Luxurious: Modern and sophisticated design, now with new exterior colour options including Lantau Bronze, exclusively available on the ‘Range Rover Velar Edition’
  • All-Terrain: Range Rover’s unrivalled all-wheel drive capability on every terrain, with new mild-hybrid (MHEV) in-line six-cylinder Ingenium petrol and diesel engines with air suspension as standard.
  • Next-generation four-cylinder mild-hybrid Ingenium diesels offer exceptional efficiency, power and on-road performance
  • Refined: The interior is a calm sanctuary, with new Pivi infotainment, Active Road Noise Cancellation*** for quieter and more serene journeys, and new Cabin Air Filtration† for healthier, cleaner air inside
  • Available to order now: New Range Rover Velar is priced from £46,110. Specify yours at: landrover.co.uk/vehicles/range-rover-velar/index.html
  • Improved cost-of-ownership: The emissions efficiency of the Range Rover Velar PHEV significantly improves cost-of-ownership, with a benefit-in-kind tax rate for business/company car drivers starting from just 10%.
  • For a 40% taxpayer, this rate would mean monthly tax bills as low as £214.30 in the current financial year
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New N347 Software Over The Air Bulletin just appeared as an Outstanding Campaign for many 2017+ Land Rovers


I had heard a similar bulletin was appearing for various ICTP Jaguars and had to take a look.  For all the owners suffering through the latest Land Rover BS, this is the bulletin to alert your dealership to.


Affected Vehicle Range:

2017-2019 Discovery Sport (LC) VIN RANGE: 546314-964065
2017-2019 Discovery (LR) 2017-2019 VIN RANGE: 000117-409862
2020 New Range Rover Evoque (LZ) VIN RANGE: 000183-027040
2017-2019 Range Rover Evoque (LV) VIN RANGE: 138124-922669
2018-2019 Range Rover Velar (LY) VIN RANGE: 200000-900092
2017-2019 Range Rover Sport (LW) VIN RANGE: 100436-869492
2017-2019 Range Rover (LG) VIN RANGE: 302565-562889

A new software enhancement has been identified on certain Land Rover vehicles within the listed
Affected Vehicle Range. A Software over the Air (SOTA) update will provide the latest InControl
Touch Pro software enhancements. See TOPIx Software 4: Electrical > 415: Information and
Entertainment Systems >- 415-01A: Information and Entertainment System – Vehicles With: InControl
Touch Pro / 415-01B: Information and Entertainment System – Vehicles With: InControl Touch Pro Duo
> Modules > Module – IMC – Infotainment Master Controller > Release Notes.

Retailers are required to HOLD affected new vehicles that are within your control and refrain from
releasing the vehicles for new vehicle sale pending completion of the procedure(s) detailed in this
Technical Bulletin. Unsold vehicles should have this performed as part of the Pre-Delivery Inspection
(PDI) process but must have it completed prior to vehicle handover to the customer.
Affected vehicles already in the hands of customers should be updated at the next available

N347 – Software Over The Air (SOTA) – Connection
Option Code: A
SRO: 85.87.99 (0.1 Hrs)

N347 – Software Over The Air (SOTA) – Connection Drive in/drive out
Option Code: B
SRO: 85.87.99 (0.1 Hrs), 02.02.02 (0.2 Hrs)

Range Rover Velar in Norway, InControl Touch Pro Duo highlights

my18-velar-incontrol-touch-pro-duo (1)my18-velar-incontrol-touch-pro-duo (2)my18-velar-incontrol-touch-pro-duo (3)my18-velar-incontrol-touch-pro-duo (4)my18-velar-incontrol-touch-pro-duo (5)my18-velar-incontrol-touch-pro-duo (6)my18-velar-incontrol-touch-pro-duo (7)my18-velar-incontrol-touch-pro-duo (8)my18-velar-incontrol-touch-pro-duo (9)my18-velar-incontrol-touch-pro-duo (10)my18-velar-incontrol-touch-pro-duo (15)my18-velar-incontrol-touch-pro-duo (11)my18-velar-incontrol-touch-pro-duo (12)my18-velar-incontrol-touch-pro-duo (13)my18-velar-incontrol-touch-pro-duo (14)

Range Rover Velar in Norway, action shots

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my18-range-rover-velar (11)

my18-range-rover-velar (25)my18-range-rover-velar (31)my18-range-rover-velar (34)my18-range-rover-velar (7)my18-range-rover-velar (4)my18-range-rover-velar (14)my18-range-rover-velar (16)

Range Rover Velar in Norway, Off-road

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MY18-Velar-Offroad-Norway (1)MY18-Velar-Offroad-Norway (19)MY18-Velar-Offroad-Norway (2)MY18-Velar-Offroad-Norway (7)MY18-Velar-Offroad-Norway (9)MY18-Velar-Offroad-Norway (8)MY18-Velar-Offroad-Norway (11)MY18-Velar-Offroad-Norway (17)