2017 March

Ovalnews Mock-up 2017, Is this what The Range Rover could look like with InControl Touch Pro Duo?

Photoshop’s Perspective Warp really helped to make this mock-up.  I know it’s not perfect and there is plenty to nitpick but the general concepts are there – InControl Touch Pro Duo, Steering Wheel Controls, Gauge graphic from Velar, Removed controls rear of Rotary Gear Selector.  I was going to stick a Land Rover logo on there but couldn’t get a version I liked.


Here’s my mock-up from July 2015 showing what we thought ICTP would look like in the Range Rover.  When it finally showed up in 2017 it was quite close…


Range Rover Velar front end comparo, base doesn’t look too bad


"We created a new material signature of the cut diamond, it will become a signifier for Range Rovers in the future"

That quote comes from Amy Frascella, Chief Designer, Color & Materials, it has a real Union Jack look, doesn’t it?


A reader sent in some great real life Velar photos

A reader who was at the launch this week contacted me about posting his photos from the Velar launch.  Originally they were posted on the F-Pace forum here.  Thank you sir!


Range Rover Velar Photography Story Book (64MB PDF)


Click here to download the Range Rover Velar Photography Story Book, 64MB PDF – it’s a big one!